US Sales & Use Tax Compliance

Making complex US Sales & Use Tax compliance simple across 455 states.

Preparing and filing US Sales & Use Tax returns and remitting any associated tax payments.

What are the Benefits of using Tax Desk?

Streamline your US tax reporting

Effortlessly streamline the complexities of US Sales & Use Tax reporting with a single online solution, simplifying reporting across all states, minimizing errors and improving overall compliance.

Save time and free up your resources

Our solution allows you to free up time and resources by automating complex compliance processes, enabling your team to concentrate on core business activities and strategic initiatives.

Stay on top of your tax liabilities

Our solution ensures you stay ahead of your expanding tax liabilities by dynamically adapting to changing tax landscapes, providing real-time updates and insights to help you make informed decisions as your business grows.

Reduce the risk of fines and audits

Mitigate the risk of costly fines and audits by ensuring accuracy and adherence to constantly evolving tax regulations, providing a robust defence against potential penalties.

Expand your US sales with confidence

Grow your business with confidence, knowing that our compliance solution scales seamlessly with your growth, adapting to new jurisdictions and regulations, ensuring continued compliance in the face of expansion opportunities.

Service Fees

We offer a low fixed fee per processed and submitted return based on your reporting obligations.

Get in touch with one of our experts now to discuss your US compliance obligations and take advantage of our solution to make compliance simple.

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