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How does it work?

Tax Desk have developed a streamlined IOSS registration process specifically designed for FedEx Express and TNT customers. You can create an account on this Tax Desk IOSS Portal using your FedEx account information, subscribe to our services and take advantage of special Tax Desk IOSS Compliance rates.

The service is available for all FedEx Express and TNT customers (established outside the EU).

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Why Tax Desk?

Submitting over 1 million indirect tax returns per year, Tax Desk is the world’s largest provider of Indirect Tax compliance services and has the experience and knowledge to assist you.

Tax Desk recognise the tax challenge faced by e-commerce sellers engaging in cross-border trade in Europe due to legal and language barriers. For this reason, Tax Desk had set up a dedicated team in 2015, with a goal to provide a highly automated and low cost VAT compliance solution designed specifically for cross-border e-commerce sellers. This team have helped thousands of cross-border e-commerce sellers manage their VAT compliance in over 30 jurisdictions in Europe.

In response to the VAT policy changes in the EU from 1 July 2021, Tax Desk have worked closely with FedEx to develop a special IOSS offering, designed specifically for you, which simplifies the IOSS compliance burden as much as possible, allowing you to focus on your core business – Selling.

Tax Desk’s services

Quick IOSS registration

Easy IOSS registration with dedicated support: once you have subscribed to Tax Desk's services, you can use our Portal to provide the necessary information for your IOSS registration by completing a simple questionnaire. A dedicated Tax Desk account manager can guide you through the process if you have any questions. You can also contact the Tax Desk Help Centre by email or telephone in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.

Return submission

Preparation and submission of monthly IOSS returns: Tax Desk will handle the preparation and submission of your monthly IOSS return based on the sales (including returns) data provided by you. You will be able to download a data template from our Portal to provide the required information.

VAT payments

Information about required VAT payments: as you are established outside the EU, you are required to make all VAT payments to a VAT Intermediary who will make payments on your behalf to the relevant tax authorities. Tax Desk will provide you with the due dates and bank accounts information to which the payments should be made and the payment references.

Instant notifications

Notification handling: If Tax Desk receive any notifications from the relevant tax authorities regarding your IOSS registration, returns or payments, Tax Desk will forward them to you in a timely manner, indicating clearly to you the action required from you and the deadline of response.

Online administration

Online Portal and Alerts to stay on top of your taxes: our Portal will provide up-to-date information about your VAT compliance obligations and will archive all IOSS returns. Tax Desk will proactively notify you of any important tax changes related to IOSS that will affect your business.

Additional services

Extensive additional services to suit your needs: subject to separate fees, Tax Desk can provide a wide range of additional services that you may require. All such fees will be communicated and agreed with you in advance and you are not under any obligation to purchase these additional services from Tax Desk.

Service fees

The Tax Desk fee exclusively for FedEx Express and TNT customers for the annual IOSS compliance, including VAT intermediary services and the IOSS registration (if needed), is as follows:

Tier 1

€800per year
  • Up to 500 packages in a 12 month period

Tier 3

€4800per year
  • Unlimited packages in a 12 month period

Pay as you ship

€10per month*
  • Up to 5 packages + €2 per additional package

*Plus €50 one time registration fee